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Learning for performance

Welcome to the Reyes Tacandong & Co. learning portal. We are a fast-growing professional services firm, with over six hundred professionals.

With growth comes unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Since its beginnings, the Firm has attracted the best and the brightest into its ranks. The competence and brilliance they bring complement the wisdom and expertise of the founding Partners, laying the foundation for future stability and adherence to the Firm’s core values of integrity, leadership, excellence, and teamwork.

As a learning organization, the Firm supports its members’ continuous professional and personal development, and commitment to lifelong learning.

Anytime, anywhere learning

The blend of youthful promise and proven wisdom, and a commitment to self-improvement and lifelong learning are crucial if the Firm is to adapt and excel in a continuously evolving environment. This portal is dedicated to the self-directed mature learner to provide access to relevant and engaging content.

The courses incorporate the latest in theory, concepts, standards, and industry practices, reinforced by case studies culled from actual work situations and client engagements.

A collaborative learning environment encourages discussion and exchange of ideas.

Content is available anytime, anywhere across all devices in virtually all operating systems in an asynchronous online delivery environment. The primary learning objective is performance, or the ability to apply knowledge in the work setting.

Registration and enrollment

Courses are either open or closed. Open courses are available to all Teammates and can be self-enrolled by simply clicking on it in the courses page. These can be started anytime. Closed courses are graded, with learner performance monitored and recorded. Enrollment is admin-controlled and learners start and end the course at the same time.

Course completion

A learner completes the course upon compliance with all requirements, which may include quizzes, assignments, or other off-line requirements such as a paper presentation. Certificates of completion are awarded and can be downloaded direct from the course page. A course may award CPD credits which are accepted by the Board of Accountancy.

Collaborative learning

A forum for each course serves as a discussion room for learners to interact and share knowledge specific to the course. Every learner is encouraged to actively participate, be an active learner, and learn from others, while sharing knowledge and experiences. A senior manager moderates each forum and provides guidance and expert insights.


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