Articles of enduring significance

Can We Make Education Right?

In an article a few days ago, former NEDA Director-General, noted educator and economist Cielito Habito made a case for the education system in Finland, noting the impressive improvement in scholastic performance of the country’s students. Finnish students have the best performance…

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Message to Graduates and New Professionals

A few days ago, I addressed the graduating class of Kingfisher School of Business and Finance in Dagupan City. …I am sharing with you my commencement address to the graduates, hoping that the thoughts will find relevance and meaning for all of us.

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Aspirations and Core Values

The Teammates who joined us in December just completed their online orientation course. This is our first formal, moderated online course, a modest step towards effectively becoming a learning organization. It is an early, albeit routine, attempt to adapt to the digital disruption…

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On Leadership

Many years back, an international news magazine article about what was ailing America …the American president …was managing the country, instead of leading it…leadership is still the rarest of commodities.

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Learning Organization

… organizations will remain relevant, survive, and even flourish in a fiercely competitive and changing environment only by becoming a learning organization.

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