Corporate Attire Policy

The Firm considers proper attire and appearance as important components of its identity and reputation. In most instances the choice of attire and other aspects of grooming is a personal matter, better left to the discretion of the individual. However, people are often judged on this basis taking into consideration the event, the contacts and personalities being interacted with, the setting, and other circumstances. Consequently misjudgments and erroneous impressions can happen. It is in this context that the Firm issues this policy, to insure minimum standards for proper dressing, and still allow flexibility for individual expression consistent with good taste and sound judgment.

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All Teammates are required to read, understand, and abide by the Corporate Attire Policy. Accomplish the form below to  confirm your receipt and understanding of the Policy. The submitted form shall form part of your personnel file.

This is to certify that I have received a copy of the Reyes Tacandong & Co.’s Coporate Attire Policy. I commit to uphold my duty to read it, seek clarifications from my immediate Manager, Human Resource and/or Partner and exert best efforts to understand and comply with its provisions presently enforced as well as those which may subsequently be issued by the Firm.